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    My dreams didn’t come true. I had planned on being on Star Search and becoming a famous singer, but that didn't pan out so well. I attended college at Louisiana Tech University in Vocal Performance, but realized pretty quickly, music was not going to be my career. Luckily, I dated a guy who was a photographer, and in an effort to impress him, I dove into photography. Having never picked up a camera, I convinced the yearbook editor to hire me as a photographer....because that makes sense! I bought a camera, signed up for a summer photography class, and spent the entire summer in the darkroom. I was hooked. Like many good things, my photography career just happened. Someone asked me to take photos of them, they told a friend, they told their friends, and the rest is history. By the time I graduated in 2001 I was able to move into photography full time.
    I don't chalk college up as a complete waste though, I found photography AND my oh so good-looking husband (who also happens to be named Kelly!). We were married in 2002.
    As my photography career grew, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph people from all over the globe.
    I've photographed babies and now I’m getting to photography their babies. I've had the privilege of photographing hundreds of weddings and thousands of people. I love visiting homes and seeing photographs from YEARS ago! What an honor to capture people during special times in their life, and give them images that they will keep with them forever.
    To add a twist to our story, In 2009 I launched www.kellymoorebag.com. As a photographer, I wanted a bag that I could carry my gear in that wasn't black and ugly. At the time, nothing like this existed! We mortgaged our house and jumped head first into this new venture. The bags were more successful than we could have imagined! We sold out in a month! In an effort to not lose my mind, I had to give full-time attention to photography or the bags. I decided to scale back my photography business in order to grow the bag business. People would always ask me if I missed photography. Of course the answer was yes, but I always had a feeling that when the time was right, I would do it again. I love change and I believe there is a season for everything. In 2017, without even trying, photography began to resurface. A few weddings for friends and family, some editorial work for a local magazine, and my passion was back. As of now, I'm accepting limited bookings for weddings and portraits. My goal is to still be able to produce work I'm proud of for my clients, but maintain my sanity and both of my careers!
    Kelly always jokes that it's taken him years to train me. Since we were married, he tried to convince me that we needed to live out in the middle of nowhere and have animals and a garden. This idea initially sounded terrible to me, but as I got older, and as we had kids...3 amazing girls: Posey (10), Chapel (6), Esther (5), it became more and more appealing. In 2015, we purchased 30 acres in North Louisiana and we began the process of building our home and starting our small farm. I never thought of myself as a farm girl, but I absolutely love where we are. As of right now, we raise chickens, goats, a dog and 3 kids. My next venture is trying to cultivate a garden. It's a secret dream of mine to grow what we eat. Who knows if that will ever happen, but I'm going to try!
    Faith is a huge part of our lives. It's interwoven into everything we do and every decision we make. We are so thankful to God for allowing us to live this adventure. As we move forward with kids, life, business and farming, we hope that no matter what happens, we are able to live in the faith that he has given us and shine that light out into the world.

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